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聚合物中空纖維超濾 (UF)

FerroCep® 不銹鋼膜採用獨特的材料和獨特的結構成分製成,可以承受極端的操作條件。
InoCep® 陶瓷中空纖維濾膜提供卓越化學、熱和機械穩定性,即使對於高要求的應用,也具有較長的使用壽命和高過濾率。

Kristal® polymeric hollow fibre ultrafiltration (UF) membrane are used in a wide range of applications in desalination pretreatment, water purification and wastewater recycling.
FerroCep®stainless steel membrane is built from exclusive material and unique structural composition can withstand extreme operating conditions.
InoCep®ceramic hollow fibre membrane provide long service life and high filtration rate even for highly demanding applications.